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An amalgam of a word that refers to the Fela's bent to stamp out ignorance and entrench cultural and critical knowle

Self-Studying: What’s the Benefit and How to Do It

With an increasing number of new technologies and an expanding global population, self-studying is on the rise. Education is no longer con

How to Become eBookShop.ng Seller

How to Become eBookShop.ng Seller

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Hashtag Republic: Social media is trashing democracy, and how to fix that

Welcome to the age of #Republic. Today’s Internet is driving new threats to democracy: political fragmentation, polarization and extremism. F

Culture, Morality and Politics in a Globalised World

In recent decades international development has grown into a world-shaping industry. But how do aid agencies work and what do they achieve? How

What can Google Android do for e-Readers?

There are two major camps when it comes to e-readers. People who want something that is a dedicated reading device to consume ebooks and those who covet features that multipurpose tablets have, such as games and

Microsoft will implement a 95% revenue share for Windows 10 Apps

Microsoft is going to give app developers a 95% share of revenue when someone buys their app or conducts an in-app purchase. This new revenue share will the highest in the industry and is only applicable for app