Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers! is the largest eBook shop in Africa with more than two million books. We supply consumers directly from our website. You can read our ebooks online, or download them instantly. You can also place an order for hardcopy and it will be delivered to your doorstep with 24 hours. You can read books downloaded on this website without installing any software. Our proprietary, web based reader enables desktop users to immediately start reading, without the need to download or install any software.

  • Can I sell my books on your platform?

    Yes! You can always do this anytime, any day. Just sign up, upload your books and you are good to go

  • Is it free to sell my books on this platform?

    No, you pay us 10% of the actual amount of the book

  • How do I get my money if I sell on your platform?

    Your account is credited within 24 hours of transaction

  • Is it only soft copy of the book that I can sell on your platform?

    Both soft and hard copy

  • Are ebooks returnable?

    No. Once it is downloaded, it cannot be returned and it is not eligible for refund

  • Can I pay for the book when delivered?

    Yes. However, payment on delivery is possible only in Lagos

  • How do I know somebody place an order for my book or purchased a softcopy?

    You are automatically updated via your dashboard

  • Is it only textbooks I can sell on this platform?

    No! You can sell your publications, journals, handouts, projects etc

  • How do I get started??

    Just click sign up, complete few details and you are good to go

  • What is your customer care line?

    Dial 09031178888 or

  • Where is your office address?

    No 31, Ogunlana drive Surulere, Lagos

  • Can i preview book before purchase?

    Yes. Previous is allowed