How to Become Seller

1. Click here to login to the seller dashboard or click here to register if you don’t have account before.

2. In the seller dashboard, you have four menus with more than 10 submenus. Below will guide you on how each submenu works

  • Add book: you will be provided with some fields to describe your books. Note that all fields are required. If you want to sell only soft copy, you will have to leave the hard copy price to be Zero. If soft copy book is to be sold, you will have to upload its file. You must upload three screen shots of your book.
  • All books: this submenu will show you all books you have added into
  • Approved: This shows you all books that have been approved by the eBookShop administrator.
  • Non Approved: This shows all books that have not been approved by the eBookShop administrator.
  • Rejected: This shows all the rejected books. Administrator can reject your book(s) if one of the rules below is violated:
    • Good quality of book screenshot.
    • Short content of the book must be provided.
    • Book information must be provided like ISBN, No. of pages, Author Name e.t.c

3. When orders menu is clicked, we have the following submenus

  • Ordering: This shows the active order from buyers. But this order has not been checked out.
  • Pending: Only hard copy books will undergo pending. Pending shows that your book has been ordered and waiting for delivery. Click on the order ID to view the book on pending.
  • Processing: Books [hard copy] that administrator has received from the seller will undergo processing. Processing shows list of books that have been received by the administrator and are ready to be dispatched.
  • Dispatched: When administrator has confirmed the ordered books and those books are ready to be shipped, they will be called dispatched books.
  • Delivered: This shows all your books that have been delivered to the buyer. You will be credited through your account details provided in the settings menu.
  • Cancelled: Some books can be cancelled if the following occur:
    • The book is discovered to be non-genuine /fake.
    • If buyer requests for the cancellation.
    • If the books have been pending for a long time.
  • Refunded: Note that if your book(s) is/are rejected or returned by the buyer, administrator will request for the money from you that will be given back to the buyer.

4. Manage Blog: You are free to post into our blog.

5. Settings: At first time of logging into the dashboard, you will be redirected to settings page. This is where you will supply your bank details in order to be credited when a book is ordered and delivered.