Introduction to Corporate Finance

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Language: English
Pages: 922
Author: Stephen A. Ross, Randolph W, Bradford D.
Country: United States
Edition: 6th

When the three of us decided to write a book, we were united by one strongly held principle: Corporate finance should be developed in terms of a few integrated, powerful ideas. We believed that the subject was all too often presented as a collection of loosely related topics, unified primarily by virtue of being bound together in one book, and we thought there must be a better way. One thing we knew for certain was that we didn’t want to write a “me-too” book. So, with a lot of help, we took a hard look at what was truly important and useful. In doing so, we were led to eliminate topics of dubious relevance, downplay purely theoretical issues, and minimize the use of extensive and elaborate calculations to illustrate points that are either intuitively obvious or of limited practical use. As a result of this process, three basic themes became our central focus in writing Fundamentals of Corporate Finance

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