The Art of War

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Language: English
Pages: 1113
Author: Sun Tzu
Country: China
Edition: Revised Edition

Sun Tzu's The Art of War is one of those rare texts that transcend time and space. Though it was written 2,500 years ago in China, it is arguably the most important work on the subject of strategy in the world today. Written by a gifted and experienced Chinese general named Sun Wu, The Art of War was intended only for royalty and the military elite of his time period. However, this treatise would later be treasured and studied by others of influence -- from the fearless samurai in feudal Japan to the shrewd business leaders of the 21st century. Yet the book's content is even more fascinating than its background. Only reading it will the reader see the principles are true and universal, the words practical to any difficult situation that requires absolute victory. Equally important, a person can learn to avoid disasters. Get ready to experience the most advanced translation ever presented to the public, a result of many scholars working together for a common purpose. Each sentence is to be read slowly lest one misses its full meaning. Enjoy.

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